Animus Luminarium

A Message of Light

Walk your path in truth and in love. Be guided by the awesome light within you. You are more powerful than you can imagine. Claim the power of your being and allow others to be touched by your magnificence. See yourself as more than physical, a soul who has journeyed from far to give your gifts to earth. In times of challenge and hardship, remind yourself of who you really are. Know that there is nothing that can occur in your life that you cannot handle. Believe in yourself, see the value of your worth. There is no-one greater or less than you. Rise above the judgement of others for all negative criticism is an insecurity in the person judging. Be true to yourself, and live your life in spite of the expectations of others. Seek not the approval of anyone else, rather be comfortable with your own choices. Release from your fear of the outcome, it only holds you prisoner in a place of discomfort and pain. All of your fears are born out of an uncertainty of tomorrow. Enjoy the magic of now for it is the only time that truly exists. Find moments of solitude within each day. Be with yourself and find peace in your soul. You are a fragment of God and can create your reality through your thoughts and intention alone, believe this and your life will be filled with new wonder and satisfaction. Above all else, see yourself as love. It takes only one light to illuminate the dark. Love is the light within you, use it to shine your way through difficulty times and share it with those in need. Be kind to your fellow man and live in peace. These are the words of soul, live by them each day and rise to the full stature of your being.

Copyright 2008 Chris Page