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Life is busy. We wake up in a hurry and go to bed with anxiety.

In the rush, we forget who we truly are and become consumed with chaos of everyday life. This leads to a depletion of your energy, lethargy and despondence. The best way to restore your life force and cope with life’s stresses is through meditation.

To help you with this, LiveLight offers six downloadable guided meditations for you to have with you at all times on your mobile phone or tablet.

This means you can easily mediate for fifteen minutes while in transport, at work or before going to sleep.

Feel free to listen to the samples. We are sure you will want to grab the full versions as well.

And it will be worth it and will notice the vast difference a few minutes of meditation a day will make.

Creating Abundance

Duration 12m 23s

Releasing the Pain of the Past

Duration 14m 17s

Releasing from Fear

Duration 10m 29s

Developing Self Worth

Duration 10m 18s

Letting go of the Outcome

Duration 9m 35s